* Science for the Sensitives
* Science for the Sensitives
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Science for the Sensitives

This workshop provides scientific explanations and awareness around Highly Sensitive and/or Highly Aware Individuals. Part II of Tools for the Sensitive (Empath) workshop.  Tools for the Sensitive Part I encompassed practical tools to navigate in this life. However, even if you haven’t taken Part I yet, you will find essential information in this workshop from top experts (Doctors and Researchers) on this topic.

This workshop explores concepts, such as:

  • ·       What are the traits of a Highly Sensitive and/or Highly Aware Individual?
  • ·       Do we hold high intelligence through deep processing and the “seat of consciousness”?
  • ·       What are Mirror neurons and how are they effecting me?
  • ·       What is “Supersane”? (sanity and insanity) “Supersane” is the 3rd group under sanity.
  • ·       Studies show that approximately 20% of society is a Highly Sensitive Person (divided equality between male and female). What challenges we all face in a masculine driven society?
  • ·       These and much, much, much more!!!

Will this workshop provide explanation and understanding of why I am the way that I am? I hope so… that is the point of this one. Men, women, young and old… please join us.

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