* Native American Animal Wisdom 6 wk Discount
* Native American Animal Wisdom 6 wk Discount
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Native American Animal Wisdom 6 wk Discount

Are you interested in understanding more about Animal Wisdom, Guides, & Totems? People come into our lives for a reason, a season or a life time – so it is with animals. The ancestors tell us that animals are our companions, guides and teachers of wisdom. This workshop is designed to provide a glimpse into the worldview of the ancient ones. Six (6) week series– one (1) night a week. ($20/person/evening OR $99/six week series (if paid in advance).

Week One: Realms of Shamanism
​Week Two: The Nation of Winged Ones
Week Three: The Nation of Four Leggeds
Week Four: The Nation of Reptiles, Amphibians and Bugs
Week Five: Water Nation
Week Six: Concepts of Shamanism

* Every workshop comes with a guided meditation to find your spirit animal of each Nation and self exploration.

This workshop is facilitated by Granddaughter Crow. Six (6) week workshop – one (1) night a week.

The hand out referred to during class is included with purchase of class.

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