Recognizing & Honoring Your Inner Native
Recognizing & Honoring Your Inner Native
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Do you love watching: Dances with Wolves or Last of the Mohicans?

Do you own a rattle, drum, walking stick, or feathers?

Do you dream of flying with the Eagles, Hawks, or Ravens?

Do you smudge using Sage, Cedar, Copal, or Palo Santo?

Do you dream of running with the Wolves, Buffalo, Horses, etc?


If you answered YES, to any of the questions above, chances are that you have been Native American in a past life. Garrett Duncan, Navajo Healing Facilitator will assist you in recognizing your INNER NATIVE. Garrett will tune into your spirit and share with you TRIBAL AFFILIATION and perhaps a NAME. He will give you insight from this time.

With this new found AWARENESS, your messages will assist you in HONORING your NATIVE ANCESTORY and REKINDLE your NATIVE Spirit. Please join us in this latest adventure. 

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