Native Rhythms & Journey Work 6wk Discount
Native Rhythms & Journey Work 6wk Discount
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Three week series - one night a week. 
Want to know the ins & outs to Shamanistic Journey and the effects of Drumming? Even if you’ve never experienced a guided meditation, or know what shamanistic journey work is… you’ll love this workshop! This is workshop is empowering through providing in-depth aspects of journeying and drumming.

Drumming and rattling goes deeper than the beautiful musical aspects. There are fundamental health and healing benefits of drumming and working with a rattle. This workshop explores the benefits of drumming and rattling on the physical body, the emotional body, the mental body and the spiritual body. 
Benefits to include: 
· Releases negative energy and stress through movement 
· Heals trauma on all levels 
· Deepens self-awareness through achieving alpha state 
· Assists in shamanic journey work and/or achieving altered states 
· Synchronizes brain activity 
· And MORE… 
Not only is this a fun class, individuals will gain fundamental healing concepts to incorporate into daily life.

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