Reiki Healing Exchange
Reiki Healing Exchange
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Reiki Healing Exchange

This is a 2 day course, this is the first class, we will schedule the 2nd class when it works for everyone attending.

Reiki is known for easing pain, but it is also a form of holistic healing which can awaken the metaphysical seeker and begin an unbelievable spiritual journey. It channels the highest form of energy; LOVE, which then can become a healing love. As you learn Reiki, your empowerment comes from the Reiki attunement and the skill to channel divine love. How would your life be different, if love was everywhere and in everything and you actually realized it to be so? In this class you will not only learn Reiki but it will jump start you on your spiritual path.

First Degree Reiki Outline:

Healing treatment for yourself and others

Hand positions for table and chair treatments

Multiple uses for the Reiki Power symbol

Chakra balancing

Guidance for attaining your inner power

Attunement that opens the crown and hand chakras

Certification for a Reiki practitioner who channels pure divine love to self and others

Activation of the 21-day chakra cleanse which: (1) Raises the vibratory rate of your bodies, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual & (2) Enhances your personal growth.

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