Protection Essence Spray
Protection Essence Spray
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Protection Essence Spray

Being an empath, I always take on everyone else energies.  This helps to block that so you don't get so down with energies  that are not yours to deal with.    Very special blend from secret plant, red musk, frankincense, myrrh, and royal amber all working for total protection for you and your home.  Can also be used in the shower as well, and sprinkle around the house and burn in a candle burner. Has special prayer. 
Protection Prayer
"I call to all the Ascended Masters and mighty Oneness of the Universe, the God of my heart, to send your white light of love and protection.   Charge it forth to me, through me and through my environment and world.   Your blessed, all encompassing white light of protection, purity and wholeness to completely cleanse and purity my life, environment and world of any evil or negative thoughts, emotions or vibrations that I am aware or unaware of consciously or unconsciously.  I ask that you send the indestructible power of the white light through your holy powers and your highest protection for mankind.  Thank you for your all knowing ways to best dissolve any situation that could possibly bring damage or harm to me, my life, my family, my home and my environment.    Please accept all my love and gratitude for your undying and limitless love and protection and for your continued guidance through my higher self.  Amen  Amen  Amen"   ©Channeled to Madalyn Kennedy 2010
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